By: Jonah D, Andrew T, Adam B, Tristan W, Tucker R, and Kyle Z.

What is erosion?

Erosion is a process where rock and soil break apart and move from one location to another location.

How does erosion occur?

Erosion begins by a process called weathering. In this process, enviromental factors break rock and soils into smaller pieces that eventually loosen from the earths surface. Not only is it harmful as water, but also is as ice. It can freeze inside rocks and expand, then later break the rock.

How can erosion be good or bad?

It can be useful because it can distribute rich soils throughout river beds and mountains. It can be harmful by affecting farmland. It can rob farmland from productive soil which can cause pollution to occur in lakes and rivers.

How can you help prevent erosion?

Soil erosion can occur when the land is dry because there aren't any plants, trees, etc. In order to stop erosion, you can help by not leaving land completely empty.

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