My Halloween Story

       My Halloween was the same thing every year. I was a ninja for Halloween this year and I went with my cousins and my brother. Two of my cousins were Michael Jackson , another one was a fairy , my last cousin there was a power ranger , and my brother was a ninja. We went to every house in our block. Every house was the same until one house. When we were going back to my house there was a house. it was foggy and there was a window with an effect that had hands rubbing on the windows. My brother wanted to go so he took me with him. We saw to people with their eyes blinking red. My brother thought it was a manikan so he attempt to get the candy but then the person scared him and he ran across the street. He came back and got the candy. After that we went home and ate our candy.I got a lot of candy.

                                                                                                THE END

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