Forensic Science

My interest in forensic science started when I was younger a cartoon of batman came on tv and it caught my eye and so I watched it and I always wanted to be like batman.

Why does one piece of evidence lead to one another?

Evidence leads to the next step of the crime either the criminal or the victim tried to do something or they were successful at what they were doing and when they do or try to do something the thing that they did leads to the next piece of evidence.

How long will you have to look to solve the crime?

The clues of a crime depend on how long you will have to look around because if you don't find the 1st clue before the others then your mind will be everywhere by then because you will have to find out what went 1st.

What specific places will you have to search and look?

Sometimes you will have to go and search and look around very specific places for example where the crime took place where the suspect of the crime hides, if the suspect bought something to murder or commit other crime to the victim, or what the suspect left behind like if it belonged to someone and they gave that object to the suspect.

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