Become A Qualified And Certified Nurse With PCCTI HealthCare

Based in the state of Illinois, PCCTI Healthcare is one of the renowned Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) schools in the country. Experienced faculty, advanced laboratories, quality education, and student centered learning approach have helped the institute to excel in the education and nursing industries. Founded in the year 1997, this healthcare school is continuously enhancing its practices and expanding its services. In 2000, the school started providing practical as well as theoretical knowledge in a variety of Information Technology programs, including Checkpoint, Cisco, Oracle, Sun Micro, and Microsoft.

In 2002, the institute also introduced various healthcare courses, including medical assistant. After approval of the Practical Nursing Program from Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation, the institute started its first batch of graduates in the LPN program.

Among the 3 nursing programs, which are LPN, CNA, and Medical Assistant Program, the LPN program is very famous among students. PCCTI Healthcare offers these programs at highly competitive fees. The school provides more learning hours to its students as compared to other nursing schools in the country. The complete duration of this program is 12 months and includes 1080 contact hours. As the school aims at providing student centric learning, it gives students an opportunity to attend classes at flexible timings. They can attend weekend or evening sessions, according to their choice, and can take full advantage of teaching sessions. That faculty is highly educated and strives hard to make classroom teaching very effective.

The institute provides plenty of resources to support and enrich the student learning process. These resources include a complete access to the Evolve and ATI systems. The students can take benefits of online books, practice assessments, practice questions, proctored assessments, and focused reviews. Along with theoretical information, practical knowledge is also given to the aspirants. Clinical rotations, which take place once in a week, are a part of their nursing curriculum. The aspirants have to work with patients in the hospital environment for a full day in a week. The Evolve Stimulation Lab System in the PCCTI Healthcare clinics gives students extra clinical and patient care settings to enhance their critical thinking and classroom knowledge. In order to qualify the set standards, the institute also provides a Remediation program for the learners who struggle hard to pass their programs successfully. For further details about the courses available, visit

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