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Thank you for visiting blue Blue eye was founded on June 22 2015for those of you viewing this on venture labs pitch day it was at the beginning of the week. Blue eye was founded by Hunter Frost with his idea of glasses that track themselves via Bluetooth. Once the team met features such as the earbuds and head messages where added later.after trial and error ( we couldn't find the Bluetooth headphones at a decent price) we decided to 3d print a Bluetooth chip that Hunter found. After Stephen configured a identical chip design we moved to printing. After printing we moved to development our first successful model was the solid black model with the vibrating head massager.

Our second model is a more stylish piece that our director of fashion and safety Ali thought reflected the thoughts and felling of summer. We made this one out of a upbeat,open, attractive pair of sunglasses that is made to be fit. Whether it's running in the park or relaxing at the beach these sunglasses come with headphones attached so you can relax in the shade once again as standard these come with a Bluetooth chip to track the glasses locations

Our last model was designed by Hunter frost and is dedicated to his dad. These glasses  Are deigned to protect your eyes their close fitting design is allowing for maximum protection while offering comfort from the hard work of construction by having  earbuds that fit in to allow you to block out the loud sounds of the day's labor this is the perfect glasses that allow for safety and comfort.

What we need.

Thank you for looking at those models if you wish to purchase any they will be on sale for $20 each at the venture lab pitch day on June 26 2015 if you wish to buy them you must post haste as only one pair of each model is available.  Now from you investors we require $60 in total. More would be greatly appreciated.  The selling price for these would range from $100 to $150. The models being sold are  $20 as we did not have the money to acquire actual Bluetooth headphones. Once again thank you for your attention and all investments will be greatly appreciated