Florence Fuller Reflection

By Ethan Robbins

My buddy’s name was Yurianna. She was very shy at first but then was acting very kind and funny! She would run her fingers around my face and then would laugh really loud. I read my book Bad kitty’s Christmas. She loved it and would point to the cat and say meow. I think she liked cats!! I was hoping for a boy but I was happy that she was my buddy. Yurianna loved my book and invited me to build puzzles with her. She climbed under my legs and then would slide through my legs. When we left she ran up to me and gave me a big hug and a high- five. I was sad to leave.  I didn’t have fun in the start but I sure did have fun in the end which is all that matters!! I hope my buddy will remember me when she comes back for breakfast with Santa. I had the best experience with Yurianna. It was like I was a big brother to her!!!!

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