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For my Assignment I chose Belgium,

Belgium is the Federal Monarchy Of Western Europe and is located in Europe. The Capital of Belgium is City Of Brussels. French is one of the three official languages of Belgium, most people that are French in Belgium live in Wallonia - Brussels Federation which has a population of 3.4 million. The territories corresponding to the modern Belgian, Dutch and Luxembourgish states are collectively called the Low Countries. They emerged at the end of the Middle Ages as a set of more or less independent fiefdoms loosely linked to the Kingdom of France and the Holy Roman Empire.

How Belgium and Atlantic Canada are the same,

We export goods to Belgium and some of the stuff that we get comes from Belgium, Belgium has invested about 5.9 Billion in 2006 towards goods and trades, with-in Canada and Atlantic Canada, In 2011, Belgium-Luxembourg was the 12th export destination of Canada’s trade in services with CAD 873 million and Belgium-Luxembourg ranked at the 19th position regarding services imports for an amount of CAD 776 million and It's surprising to know that most of our fuel that we use in Canada comes from Belgium, Belgium also imports Diamonds to Atlantic Canada. Belgium is very close allies to Atlantic Canada and including all of Canada. Canada and Belgium were actively involved in the Afghanistan War under ISAF. Belgium has an Embassy in Ottawa and Canada Maintains an Embassy in Brussels. In the mid-19th Century there were enough arrivals to open part-time consulates in Halifax and Qubec and Canada and Belgium are one of many officially multilingual countries with federal political systems.

Belgium's History,

The History of Belgium can stretch back before the origin of the modern state of that name in 1830. What is now Belgium was known to be a part of a larger territory, such as Carolingian Empire or divided into a number of smaller states, prominent among them being the Duchy of Brabant, the County of Flanders, the Prince-Bishopric of Liège and Luxembourg. Belgium occupies part of the Roman province of Belgica, named after the Belgae, a people of ancient Gaul. The area was conquered by Julius Caesar in 57–50 B.C. Since 1958, when the European Economic Community was born, Brussels, the country’s capital, has gradually established itself as the de facto capital of what has now become the European Union (EU), a role that became official in Dec. 2000 when the European Council heads of the government decided to hold all its regular meetings in Brussels.

Globalization In Culture,

Most of our stuff that we buy comes from Belgium, meaning that it globalizes Belgium's Products and more and more Countries rely on Belgium, which means that they are more dependent. For example, our fuel comes from Belgium, therefore Atlantic Canada depends on Belgium and in some cases Belgium depends on  Atlantic Canada, another example would be Chocolate most of our Chocolate comes from Belgium, therefore if Lindor Chocolate comes from Belgium, Atlantic Canada depends on Belgium for their Chocolate and if Belgium makes Wine, Atlantic Canada depends on Belgium for their wine, If there was no such thing as trade it would affect jobs and business, therefore trade is important to our Society.

Belgium's Settlement Patterns,

The annual growth rate of the Belgian population is very low; overall birth rates and immigration exceed death rates and emigration only slightly. Population growth rates, which were markedly higher in Flanders than in Wallonia prior to the 1980s, became nearly equivalent by the end of the 20th century. Since World War II the foreign-born population has increased at a rate higher than that of Belgian nationals, owing to continued immigration and a higher birth rate among immigrants. The largest concentrations of foreigners are found in the cities of the Walloon mining and industrial areas, in Brussels, and in Antwerp. Most foreign workers  in Belgium are from the Mediterranean origin, for example (Italy, Middle Eastern and North African)

Changes to Belgian's Culture,

Belgium has changes their tax law's and Hospital Financing, for better health care. Belgium has changed tremendously just like any other Country, from technology, tax law's and law's, for example Belgium's Computers, Phones, Cell Phones, Cars, tax and health care. Which in some cases affect Belgian's culture in some way shape or form.

Information About Belgium, (English)

Belgium sings, Barbanconne as their National Anthem.

Population: 11.2 million "2013"

Language: Dutch, French and German.

Temperature: Mild winters, cool summers; rainy, humid and cloudy.

Information About Belgium, (French)

Pour ma mission,  j’ai choisi la Belgique.

Belgique Est la monarchie fédérale de l'Europe occidentale et se trouve en Europe.

Belgique chante: Barbaconne que leur hymne national.

Belgique parle en: Dutch, Francais et Allemande.

Food & Drink: (English)

Belgium considers their food to be one of Europe's second finest cuisine and almost all of Belgium deserts include Chocolate and Pastries. Belgium's most main based food is fish and meat, most coastal areas tend to flavor their seafood to the finest. Wine is considered the finest French drink in Belgium, Belgium eats many foods that Atlantic Canada and all of Canada eat, including Red Lobster and Belgium Celebrates, the Atlantic Canada Red Lobster Festival in Belgium which celebrates the taste of new season Lobster and Atlantic Canadian Lobster would be featured in Belgium's top 50 restaurants.

Food & Drink: (French)

Le vin est considéré comme le plus beau verre en Belgique . Manger de l ' belge Red Lobster .

Belgium's Culture: (English)

Belgium is not a homogeneous Culture and each Country has there own particularities. Many family's play a central role in Belgium's lives and many families remain in the town that they're born in. Appearances are important to Belgian's, they could be seen cleaning their pavement or steps in front of their house or even sweeping the street, Belgian's Cleanness is one of their sense of National Pride. Women are not expected to change their name in if they get Married. If you're invited to a house, bring flowers or good quality Chocolates for the Hostess, older Belgium's may expect flowers to be unwrapped and Liquor and Wine should only be given to your close friends and relatives, Cultural relations between Belgium and Canada have grown and diversified over the past 30 years. Belgian programmers often host Atlantic Canada and all of Canada's Artists that are both Anglophone and Francophone, in the areas of, theater, music, cinema and literature.  

Belgium's Culture: (French)

Belgique n’est pas un groupe homogène Pays. Si votre invité à une maison, apporter des fleurs ou du chocolat de bonne qualité. Seuls les amis proches et des parents doivent acheter du vin. Beaucoup de familles qui sont nés en Belgique restent en Belgique.

Education: (English)

As Belgium is divided into distinct federal regions there are separate Educational Systems, with-in Belgium's region. Belgium's Education is a large sector, Belgium has three different types of School Systems, Community Schools, Publicity Run Schools and Privately Run Schools. Their Primary Education is with-in four Languages, Dutch, French and German. Their Primary Education system consists of three cycles, First Cycle ( years 1 and 2) Second Cycle (years 3 and 4) and Third Cycle (years 5 and 6). Homework is most likely going to be given at an early age, Belgian and Canadian university's have been developing cooperative and exchange agreements and relation for many years. About 20 Canadian universities work with Belgian universities in areas as varied as pure sciences, the humanities and social sciences, health, etc, through out Atlantic Canada and all of Canada.

Education: (French)

Belgique dispose de trois types de systèmes scolaires différents. Exécuter des écoles communautaires, écoles et Publicité course and en privé course écoles. Leur enseignement primaire est avec en quatre langues.

Museum's: (English)

Belgium has many Museums and Historical Sites, Royal Museums Of Fine Arts, Musical Instrument Museum, Royal Museum For Central Africa, Belgium Comic Strip Center, BELvue Museum and Royal Museum Of Armed Forces and Military History. Most of these Museums and Historical Sites are scattered around Belgium, each Museums do certain things.

Museum's: (French)

Belgique possède de nombreux musées et sites historiques. Belgique a plusieurs musées tels que, Musée Royal des Beaux-Arts, Musical Instrument Museum, Musée royal de l'Afrique centrale, la Belgique Centre de la BD, le musée BELvue et le Musée royal des forces armées et l'histoire militaire. Chaque musée parle de certaines choses.

Sport's: (English)

The sports in Belgium vary from, football, cycling, tennis, table tennis, badminton and judo. In Belgium they pronounce football as soccer and if they could play one sport they would play football. The Royal Belgium Football Association encompasses thousands of teams and clubs. Football AKA Soccer, is a big thing to their Country and Region.

Sport's: (French)

Les sports en Belgique varient d'un sens de football soccer, se ils pourraient jouer un sport qu'ils allaient jouer au football. Le football est une grande chose dans leur pays.

Holiday's: (English)

Belgium has numerous Holidays including Belgian National Day (July 21st) and Day Of Flemish Community (July 11th) Day Of French Community Of Belgium (September 27th) and many that we celebrate including Valentines Day, Christmas, New Years, Easter and Labour Day, Belgians also celebrate Iris Day, but this Holiday Celebrated in the Brussels Region, which is a Holiday celebrated in early May.

Holiday's: (French)

A de nombreux de vacances tels que Belgique National Day Juillet (21st) et le jour de la Communauté flamande Juillet (11th) Day Of français Communtiy de Belgique Septembre (27th) et de nombreux jours que nous célébrons, Saint Valentin, Noël, Nouvel An, Pâques, Fête du Travail et les Belges aussi célébrer une journée appelée Fête de Iris.

Cities: (English)

Belgium has a branch of Cities including, Antwerp, Ghent, Charleroi and Liege, these are Cities that are located in Belgium, there are many French speaking Cities in Belgium such as Durbuy, Mons and Tournai  and much more.

Cities: (French)

Belgique possède une succursale, y compris des villes, Anvers, Gand, Charleroi et Liège, ce sont des villes qui sont situés en Belgique. Il y a beaucoup de villes françaises de langue en Belgique telles que Durbuy, Mons et Tournai et beaucoup plus française des villes francophones.

Favorite Pastimes: (English)

Belgium has various pastimes such as Golf, Hunting, Belgian's sports is a big thing, leading sports to one of their favorite pastimes and other recreational activities.

Favorite Pastimes: (French)

La Belgique a divers passe-temps comme le golf , la chasse , le sport belge est une grande chose , leader des sports à un de leurs passe-temps favoris et autres activités récréatives .

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