Bellesoma Methodb - Created by Dr. Horndeski

The Bellesoma Method was invented by the Board-Certified doctor Gary Horndeski, who has been practicing plastic surgery for over thirty years. He specialized in both plastic and hand surgery and is a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons. He invented the Bellesoma Method to reduce scars on patients and customize each procedure to meet their unique needs. In fact, when you combine the Bellesoma method with the right surgical technique you can achieve results that leave no vertical scars, no need for implants, and also relieve pain commonly found in women with large breasts.

Horndeski went to Case Western Reserve University where he completed his bachelor of science degree in mathematics with a focus on engineering. He then went on to complete his medical degree to become a doctor. It was at the University Hospital of Cleveland where he finished his general surgery residency. Moving onto the University of Texas Medical Branch in Houston where he did plastic and reconstructive surgery residency. Dr. Horndeski went to Wayne State University in Detroit to finish his fellowship in hand surgery then to the M.D. Anderson Hospital in Houston to complete his microvascular reconstructive surgery fellowship.

Dr. Horndeski used his background in engineering and mathematics to perform each surgery with great detail, and also customize every procedure based on the needs of the patient. He credits his success to a desire to develop a new standard of care and improve the field. Dr. Horndeski has accomplished this by creating the Bellesoma Method, which is a unique breast reduction or lift procedure that leaves no unsightly scars.