Welcome to a New Beginning

A Brief Introduction to Mr. Belprez's English Class

What You Can Expect

Recent trends in education has shown an exciting and rapid move to integrate educational technology resources into the classroom.  Students in my English classes will be able to take advantage of new and creative ways to demonstrate their knowledge of core subject areas through the use of Web 2.0 tools, iPads, and Chromebook computing.  Communication between the home and the classroom will benefit from things such as online lesson plans, calendars of key dates, and access to assignments and supplements through the use of my personal class website, Parent and Student VUE, and class text message reminders.

The Curriculum

As always, we will be focusing on key skills such as narrative, persuasive, and informational writing, public speaking, critical analysis, and reading.  You can view the course syllabus for the appropriate class below

Sample Student Work

Below you can view some of the work produced by students in both English 10 and English 12.  I hope to integrate more projects like these, which allow for online publishing and the ability to share their hard work with others.

Davison High School
Open House

WHEN: Tuesday, September 9th  7:00-8:30

Contact Me

Email - rbelprez@davisonschools.org

Phone - (810) 591-0659 x 1257

Online - http://bit.ly/belprez

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