Belzec Concentration Camp

By: Isabella Conley

The Jews working


Belzec was located in southeastern Poland between the cities of Zamora and Lvov. This concentration camp was one of the smallest of the camps. Belzec started in November 1941. Around 600,000 Jews were killed here. The Jews got to this camp by the railroads and cattle trucks.   

10 facts

  • Belzec was one of the small concentration camps
  • Belzec was one of the second concentration camps to hold gas chambers and burial pits
  • 600,000 Jews were murdered at this concentration camp
  • this camp began in November 1941
  • Jews were transported by railway in cattle trucks
  • The camp was divided into two sections
  • The camp was surrounded by a barbed wire fence and camouflaged to hide the activities from those outside
  • it was mainly Jewish people that was sent
  • some people were able to escape
  • On 30 June 1943 a transport of the last Jews from Belzec arrived
The jews


Nov 2 1941~The construction of Belzec concentration camp begins

Mar 17 1942~the day the camp finally begins

Apr 14 1942~about 30,000 Jews have been killed so far.

June 19,1942~ Germans repair gas chambers.

July 7, 1942~Deportations continue, 350,000 Jews killed so far

July 10, 1942~Polish underground officials send a report to polish government

August 19, 1942~ SS official inspects the process of the gas chambers

December 7, 1942~ deportations to Belzec are stopped

December 11, 1942~ Last shipment of Jews have arrived.

March 20, 1943~ Burned the rest of the bodies and took down buildings that were still up.

4 people that were involved  

Rudolf Reder~ Was a survivor of Belzec. He escaped out out the camp in November 1942

The Jews~ The were brought to the camps. Brought by the Nazis

Nazis~ they were the ones that killed and put the Jews to work, They also brought the Jews to the concentration camps.

Christian Wirth~ one of the Jews that was killed by the Nazis during world war II

witold Pilecki~ was a hero of the concentration camp in 1942-1943


Witold Pilecki is one of the hero of the the concentration camps. He volunteered for a Polish resistance operation to get imprisoned in the Auschwitz death camp.

Gas Chamber

Why is it important?

Concentration Camps in World War II were an incredibly terrible and important part of the Holocaust. Millions of Jews were sent there to work before being put to their death. It is also important that we learn about it now so we can prevent having another Holocaust


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