Benefits Of Buying A Tower Crane

Tower crane is one of the most commonly used types of cranes and it is the single most important lifting vehicle on construction sites. These cranes are widely used for loading and moving the largest and heaviest objects that can be found on the Earth. With great lifting and power capabilities, tower cranes are a key part of many construction businesses. Aside from being able to deal with extremely heavy machines and objects, these cranes are able to reach incredible heights.

This gigantic piece of heavy-machinery features a mast (tower), a sewing unit, an operator's cab and jibs (booms). It is pretty hard to miss this crane, as it usually rises hundreds of meters into the air and is present on almost every construction site. At the top of the mast, there is the slewing unit to allow the crane to rotate. The jibs are connected to the slewing unit, as well as the machinery arm, counterweight and the operator's cab.

In the construction of tall buildings, tower cranes play the most important role. Bigger companies that have enough funds to invest in tower cranes can do it and save a lot of money in a long run. The tower cranes can be very beneficial if they are needed for operations on a regular basis. However, small companies are not able to invest in these cranes, so they prefer to hire one. On the contrary of the common belief, hiring a tower crane is much more beneficial for your company, but if you have the money, go for a purchase.

Over the recent years, most construction companies prefer buying instead of hiring tower cranes. There are a plenty of advantages over hiring. You may have to pay the high maintenance costs and all the licenses and documents, but you can be sure about its efficiency and your site's productivity. Also, you will avoid the high rates of hiring tower cranes.

No matter of the model of tower crane you buy, you need to have a well-skilled and qualified crane operator to run it. You can hire a crane operator with enough years of experience who is ready to take the responsibility of your tower crane. In addition to the purchase price, keep in mind that there are few additional expenses that need to be paid, such as shipping charge, assembling and dissembling charges and others. To ensure you are buying a reliable tower crane, find a company that is highly spoken among the construction business owners.