Benjamin Strohman - KeepingPace

As a research and development scientist in the field of microbiology, Benjamin Strohman's job is to develop new and effective methods to combat old and new diseases, which is something that is constantly evolving. Benjamin says that the field of microbiology is so challenging and interesting because it is in a constant state of change, something most people do not realize. Benjamin says that much like everything else on the planet, disease is constantly growing, evolving and changing to become more effective at thriving and surviving. Benjamin says that is why microbiologists are waging a constant battle against microorganisms and diseases to stay ahead of the curve, as bacteria and viruses are becoming more resilient to treatment methods today, and even evolving into entirely new and deadly diseases.

Benjamin says that this is why it is so crucial for development and research departments to have a dedicated team to study these shifts and evolutions in microorganisms, so that they can keep pace to help combat an ever changing and growing enemy. Benjamin says that if we did not anticipate these changes and growths we risk being caught off guard against a new illness, or plagued by an old one that has developed immunity to traditional treatments.

Benjamin Strohman says that the key to keeping pace with the ever evolving microorganisms responsible for disease today is by remaining vigilant. Benjamin says by vigilantly studying the trends of growth and evolution we can anticipate change and compensate for these said changes. Benjamin says it is these strategic anticipatory actions that will help keep modern medicine ahead of the curve, and the many treatments and methods that already exist intact. Benjamin says that the goal of microbiology is to stay ahead of the ever evolving bacteria and virus, and eventually be able to cure anything.

Benjamin Strohman -  A Philanthropist

Benjamin Strohman is a professional researcher, scientist, and microbiologist who has been working to improve the understanding of disease overall for many years now. Benjamin is not just a professional scientist however, he is also an avid philanthropist that is concerned with the well-being not just of Americans, but people all over the world who have less effective medical facilities and technology available to them. Benjamin himself has witnessed the inadequate equipment and funding of many hospitals in third world countries during his tour of Africa. Benjamin says that during that time he had witnessed some of the most squalled and horrible conditions he had ever seen, and that in Africa people are still dying from diseases as simple to remedy as appendicitis as a result of lack of sterilization methods and tools. That is why Benjamin has chosen, and urges others to help in the fight to provide better funding and tools to third world hospitals and facilities around the world. One such way to do so is to donate time or money to the Red Cross, which helps do just that, providing funding and other resources to unprivileged locals in third world countries.

Benjamin Strohman believes that anyone that is capable of helping those less fortunate than themselves is obligated to do so. Benjamin says that too often people are more concerned with their own problems to notice the struggles of others, which he believes is one of the more regrettable parts of human nature, and something that could be prevented with just a little consideration for your fellow man. Benjamin says that giving back today, helps assure a stable future for the less fortunate tomorrow, and can even save lives.

Benjamin Strohman - On Productivity

Benjamin Strohman says that a man with a mission, a purpose is one of the most powerful things on the planet. Ben says that every social and technological advancement you see around you was the result of a man or woman setting a goal, and then achieving that goal. Ben says that all the world's innovation owes its success to that process. It is for that reason that Ben emphasizes the importance of having a clear goal both in your personal and professional life. Developing and defining a clear goal will help steer you in the right direction, and then simply taking one step at a time towards that goal will inevitably cause you to achieve it. Ben's own personal goals, as a researcher and microbiologist is to develop new and effective treatment methods, as well as to destroy disease itself with already established procedures. Ben has devoted himself entirely to the pursuit of medical advancements against disease, and works both on and off the clock to combat disease.

Benjamin Strohman is very productive, both in the technical, and theoretical academic aspects of disease treatment. Ben has even invented an approach to treat many different diseases that are caused by microorganisms found all around the world today. Not only is Ben an innovator, but he is a mentor as well, sharing his clinical experience through critical reviews with his colleagues, which are published in prestigious journals. Ben is also an expert in clinical research and has been asked on several occasions to review government research grants in various countries. It is without a doubt then that Ben can say he always puts his best foot forward, with his eyes on the horizon.

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