Contec Global CEO and Entrepreneur Benoy Berry

Of Indian ancestry, Benoy Berry is an Irish citizen who has led Continental Transfer Technique Limited (Contec Global) as CEO and managing director since 1984. The London-based firm focuses on projects in the secure system and biometric technology spheres and manages ongoing projects in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. The Nigeria Immigration Service has praised Benoy Berry and his team for their dedicated efforts to generating technological solutions, and those efforts earned them the Recognition of Excellence Service Delivery award.

After receiving his MA in finance from Delhi University, Benoy Berry served as marketing manager with Philip Morris in the late 1970s. After founding Contec Global in the mid-1980s, he oversaw various infrastructure and research and development projects. In recent years, Benoy Berry has pursued waste-to-power technologies that are cost efficient and allow metals, steam, and electricity to be recovered. He also works on alternative technology projects, including the development of a Chinese electric car capable of competing effectively in the market.