Ben Shoval

Yakima, Washington, Small Business Owner

A small business owner in Yakima, Washington, Ben Shoval strives to create jobs and promote economic growth by supporting free trade and small government, and by reducing burdensome regulations. The entrepreneur currently divides his time between serving as president of Shoval & Co. and contributing to various community service organizations. As vice chairman of the Affordable Housing Coalition of Central Washington, Ben Shoval works to keep homeownership an option for people in need. He also serves as chairman of the City of Yakima Planning Commission and as Vice Chairman of the City of Yakima Community Review Board.

Prior to establishing his present company, Benjamin Shoval achieved success in diverse areas of business, including technology and real estate. When he is not busy at work or involved with community projects, Benjamin Shoval supports Second Amendment rights, military and police agencies, and veterans’ rights. He has also donated to various charitable organizations and served on the boards of King’s College and the St. Vincent de Paul Kitchen. Ben Shoval holds a bachelor of science in economics from the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania.

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