Bernardo Barnhart: Qualities of a Leader

The question over whether leaders are born or made is one that elicits debate. Those who take the former view see leaders as individuals who have inherent qualities that enable them lead effectively. Those who take the latter view see leadership as a process; leaders often have to learn to become the dependable figures that their communities praise them for.

Regardless of the position taken, Bernardo Barnhart knows there are various characteristics that leaders should demonstrate. As a community leader himself, he strives to embody these qualities every day, whether at work or at home. He shares these qualities.

It is essential that a leader be someone who is trustworthy, reckons Bernardo Barnhart. A leader needs to practice what he teaches and live an honest life. In doing so, he/she earns the right to lead others. True authority, says Bernardo, comes from the respect people have about the leader’s honesty and good character.

Passion for the cause
A good leader is one who is passionate about the cause for which he/she stands for. For Bernardo Barnhart, his passion is in seeing the youth of Immokalee take advantage of their opportunities to grow and succeed. As a leader, he aims to be a motivator and inspiration to the youth.

Good leaders are confident of the direction they want to follow as well as the role placed upon them to lead. Such a person inspires others through his self-assuredness, and draws the best out of the team towards the achievement of the goals set.

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