Bernardo Barnhart - Successful Executive

Bernardo Barnhart is a highly successful banking executive serving as the Vice President and Area Manager of First Bank in his home town of Immokalee, Florida. Located in the Everglades, Immokalee is a hardworking town that is deeply proud of its agricultural heritage. In recent years, good harvests have enabled the community to grow and develop its infrastructure, and slowly the town is moving into the 21st century. Shedding off the ‘impoverished’ tag that has surrounded the community for years is a reality now, and people like Bernardo Barnhart are extremely happy at being a part of the positive change.

Bernardo showed his intelligence from a young age, and as the oldest of four children, it was up to him to set a good example. After excelling in high school, he gained the opportunity to pursue a college education at Santa Fe College. However, Bernardo Barnhart was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in his first semester, and subsequently had to relocate to the University of Florida for treatment. In all the time it took to undergo chemotherapy and other radiation treatment, he never missed a class. His dedication to academic excellence soon enabled him to graduate with a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Business Administration, at which point he joined the financial services industry.

Bernardo Barnhart’s success as a banker did not happen overnight, as he has been in the career for well over a decade. In that time, he has applied himself to performing an excellent job, and his results speak for themselves. In fact, he happens to be the only corporate executive to be retained and promoted following a bank merger, which is testament to his work ethic and overall value.

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