Bernard Salera

Experienced Public Service Professional

About Bernard Salera

Possessing a long history of public service work, Bernard Salera currently serves as a co-founder and president of the Asian American Cultural Exchange Association (AACEA), an organization that matches highly motivated and qualified students from China with host families in the United States. Bernard “Bernie” Salera’s commitment to helping international students succeed academically has guided him throughout the development of the program.

Bernie Salera began pursuing public services over five decades ago while working toward his master’s degree in information science and technology. During this time, he helped the Philadelphia Board of Education organize a seminar about the importance of Dante in today’s world and assisted various organizations with the celebration of Philadelphia’s relationship with the Commune of Florence.

Bernard Salera later founded the Classical Arts Cable Network, a nonprofit that had such clients as the Opera Company of Philadelphia, the Curtis Institute of Music, and the Academy of Vocal Arts. He served as the director of the Classical Arts Cable Network for over a decade until family illness called him to the position of caregiver. It was after this role that he co-founded the AACEA in 2009 and took on his current position.