Berserk Nation


Welcome to Berserk Nation. Hope you like it. I would love your advices.

When people come together in groups, people will talking, they will happy to see someone, and talk about what happened in recently. To let the people who are listening them talking know about them. And they will get know each other, to be friends. Or fight.

In my nation, the people who can be decide good and true and beautiful is the people who has education that can let them know what they need to know in the world and let the people know what is human nature, what is right;what is wrong in the world. Also, people will have a good environment to live and study.Like, the people who living in a good environment that can let the people know what is good, also that have good model to lead the people to right side, to be a good people.But if the people who living in a bad environment then the people will like the people who do drag or kill someone, or something bad. And that's why we will have some good environment to let the people to live.

The people who is my nation, they uses a lot ways to spread the new idea to another people who from another nation, or their next generation.Such as, they most use nature way to spread, speaking that way is most easy way to spread. Also, they will uses send the letter, or exchange gifts act.

Revolution: Anti - Corruption Revolution: There has some greedy people who were working in the government had desired about the money or something they wanted, also because they had power on their hand. Their house are villa, and they wearing the cloths' quality are very good, also are so expensive. And yea,including the food too. Good and expensive. They let the people who in Berserk Nation' cities had a hard time. Like some people didn't want to pay some so ridiculous fee, protection fee, or something. If the people didn't turn in the money, the people will get bit.  That's why the people wanted to over the time and get a better life, so they needed to fix that problem. At the first time, there just had some people to parade, but after, there had more and more people to join parade. And the parade let the main government knew, and the government fixed the problem.

And there had a Fighting Drought Revolution, and that just happened in a hard to live. Somewhere we could see the river already dry, and you could see the soil. Also, somewhere should have some grass or flower,trees. But you just can see the bad soil with crack. Because drought, there had a lot people wasn't have a lot food to eat. Also, there had some people who hadn't eat and they dead. So, the government suggested a Fighting Drought Revolution to save the people.

Every nation will have some wars or conflict, even including Berserk Nation. And at that time,  because there had some nation wanted Berserk Nation, so we defined them to protect Berserk Nation. We dead 2,149 soldiers. And because of them,we won the war. Also, we wanted more lands, so we attacked other nations. Sometime we lost, but mostly,we won. To get the lands. To the people who in Berserk Nation got better live.  

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