Brunch at Sweet Melissa's

...and quite possibly the best brunch I have ever had.

This past weekend Jess and I went to Sweet Melissa's for their infamous Sunday brunch. It has been on our "Brunch Bucketlist" but we haven't justified driving 30 minutes west to Rocky River for some eggs on our day off when we can just go to our local favorites. Despite an extended waiting time for our food, it was more than worth the wait and drive!

When we got there the place was packed! We were lucky there was a small table in the corner available for us right when we arrived. Jess and I joke about this because somehow we always end up getting placed at the small tables because we are 'small people'—we don't seem to mind as it never seems we have to wait to be seated... The space was sleek, modern, and very open with subtle single spotlight hanging fixtures. It was definitely my style; clean, simple, and comfortable.

Our server came over with our water, which was served out of a "Sweet Melissa's" branded glass bottle and was left at our table. It was a nice touch, along with the modern style of tall and narrow silverware and tableware. Then when we got our coffees, they brought over a little dish of fresh fruit along with a cinnamon scone just because we were there for the brunch. Another nice touch! This was especially nice since our wait was a little longer than the usual because one of the fryers weren't working. You could tell the employees were scrambling because of it.

The brunch menu was small, but really solid. From the descriptions, I would have been happy with any thing on it. Jess and I ended up ordering very similar dishes. Jess got the Crab 'n Eggs and I got the Bacon 'n Eggs. See photo above and menu descriptions below:

   Crab 'n Eggs - fried eggs, crab cakes, fried green tomatoes, chipotle aioli
   Bacon 'n Eggs - canadian bacon, fried green tomatoes, brown eggs, hollandaise

Both were both amazing with an explosion of savory flavors. The Canadian Bacon on my plate was sweet, juicy, and delicious—a perfect complement to the fried green tomatoes and egg. Even the side potatoes were to die for. They were prepared very differently and looked like miniature roasted red potatoes but tasted more like hash browns.

I was very satisfied.Overall, Jess and I loved our experience at Sweet Melissa's. We plan on going back for brunch again and dinner in the near future!