Best Digital Meat Thermometer EVER

I love this SUPER fast digital meat thermometer! 
Great for oven and grill - and comes in cool colors too!

Restaurants, health inspectors, and chefs use and love this digital handheld little meat thermometer.  Why?  Simple - it's fast and accurate.  It's also wireless which makes it simple to work with, slip in your pocket, and easy to use with one hand.  Just open the meat thermometer and it turns on - stick the probe in and have an instant meat temperature reading.

As a kitchen gadget freak, I L-O-V-E it!  And the wide selection of colors it's available in makes it all that much more fun.

Don't let the simple design fool you - this is one great cooking thermometer!

I really like the orange thermometer (you can click the picture above to read the reviews, get more details, etc), but these handy digital meat thermometers are available in lots of fun colors like pink, blue, green, purple, red, and more.


What do other consumers say about this instant-read meat thermometer?

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