How important is your doctor in surrogacy?

Couples in India (particularly in metro cities) are increasingly finding it hard to conceive the natural way. Thankfully, we have very effective solutions like surrogacy that have been helping countless couples become parents.

Let’s first understand surrogacy

In surrogacy, another woman carries your child as your wife is struggling with one or more issues that prevent her from conceiving.

Surrogacy can be two types: traditional surrogacy and gestational surrogacy

In a traditional surrogacy, a surrogate mother would be inseminated by your sperm. She carries your baby. The surrogate mother in this setting is called the ‘biological mother’ of the baby since her egg was fertilized by your sperm.

Donor sperm can also be used in traditional surrogacy.

In gestational surrogacy, the reproduction technology specialists would leverage artificial reproductive technologies like In-vitro Fertilization (IVF) to harvest mother’s eggs, fertilize them with father’s sperms, and implant the embryo in the uterus of the surrogate mother. In this scenario, the surrogate mother would be called the ‘birth mother’, but would have no genetic ties to the baby. It is to be noted that in gestational surrogacy, doctors do not use the eggs of the surrogate; instead, the eggs are retrieved from someon in your social or professional circle.

The role that the best doctors play in surrogacy

Your selection of surrogacy specialist would have a huge bearing on your success chances. It is the doctor who will diagnose the causes of infertility in you two, the best solutions that you can think about, and would lay down the surrogacy treatment from start to finish. Therefore, we suggest you to look for the best doctors for surrogacy that you can afford.

The ideal way to figure out which surrogacy specialist doctors in Delhi should be on your list, simply run a Google search for the surrogacy doctors / clinics. Visit websites of these doctors and see what they have to say about their services. Meet a couple of doctors to figure out which one is likely to best meet your purpose. When visiting a doctor, it is good to have a list of questions ready; quite obviously, you will have many questions up on your mind; leverage this opportunity to get those questions answered.

Surrogacy and parenthood

Having a baby adds tons of happiness to life. And surrogacy is among the most successful options to get a baby in your life.

Keep in mind that surrogacies may entail legalities. So approach surrogacy with this thought in mind; ask your doctor if he / she could help you in dealing with the legal formalities.

Thinking about surrogacy? Consult the best doctors for surrogacy . To read more on this topic and about the top surrogacy specialist doctors in Delhi, please refer our other articles.