You're not making money because of this (for fashion photographers)

You've been a professional fashion photographer for many years. However, there is this one thing that bothers you like hell: despite having a great experience and infrastructure, you've not been able to grow your monthly income figures; in fact, you know a number of photographers in the market who came much later, but are making better money than you.

You've done hours of introspection, but even that didn't help.

Well, I do not know you personally, but I think I know the thing why you're not making big bucks despite being a great photographer. This is no big secret, but just a simple thing that you either have not been doing at all or not doing it right.

The thing that is stopping you from becoming big and earning big is, ‘your disappointing visibility online'.

Do you know there are several fashion websites that let the photographers upload their profile and work, and thus find new as well as established models and fashion assignments?

Smart photographers are well-aware of the massive value that comes with being online on fashion websites.

Moreover, you can set-up a simple blog of your work on WordPress and/or Blogger as well and connect with the world. Setting-up a blog is absolutely free and doesn't take more than 5 minutes. The best fashion photographers in India connect with many of their clients through their blogs or websites. And since they connect to many models and designers, they get more assignments, and thus more money.

So, what should you do now?
Here is your blueprint for success, for making money like never before:
First and foremost, find out a few websites that are built for the fashion industry and promote up-and-coming models as well as established ones. See what they have to offer for the fashion photographers.

Second, spend 15-20 minutes every day to check out what the best fashion photographers in India are up to, and what they put up in their profiles and how they showcase their work to the world. Learn and apply the learning for building your online presence.

Third, focus more on repeat business. A model approaches you for a portfolio and you build one for her. You take the payment and bid goodbye. Avoid this thing from now on.

Your communication and relationship with your client should not end with just one transaction; in fact, you should stay in touch with the customers through one way or another, and see whether they can help you get more business.

Try out these tips and see the massive growth they bring into your income streams.

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