3 secrets of India’s top fashion photographers (which you can also copy to succeed)

They say photography is an art. I too believe so. It is an art that one can master over a period of time and after putting in a hell lot of efforts.

However, the top fashion photographers in India also spend a lot of their time in doing things that are not related to photography, but help them incredibly in their photography career.

I spoke with a couple of photographers to get to know what they do when they are not clicking photographs that help them in their career, to get more clients, to get higher price for their work, and to be the best in their game.

Here’re the secrets:

They set up their blogs (that too for free)

4 out of 5 photographers that I got a chance to speak with have active blogs on BlogSpot and WordPress.

They publish their work quite regularly on their blogs.

This habit not only helped them find a lot of fans worldwide, but in the process, they also find a couple of clients through their blogs.

Pro tip – if you do not have a blog, you can set up one in no time on BlogSpot and WordPress.

To make your blog look professional, you can choose to buy domain that hardly costs much.

They help young photographers

The  best fashion photographers in India seem to have this habit of helping out whoever comes to them.

They conduct / participate in free (and paid) photography workshops. They write for magazines. They connect with photograph enthusiasts on multiple platforms and share their experiences.

They network digitally

There are some incredibly beneficial websites out there. One can sign up with most of these sites without paying a single penny. On these sites, you can connect with other photographers from across the country, as well as with the top fashion models.

I forgot to tell you that you can also meet the designers. These are the websites where agency people also flock to look for photographers, designers, and models for their campaigns.

Pro tip – Take a day or two out to figure out a couple of websites whereon you can enlist yourself and show your work.

See, in the end, we all work, right? We all want name and fame. But, the harsh truth is no many of us make it. The reason is not many of us go the extra mile, or at least, an extra step.

Share your work, help more, network every day, and you’ll be on your way to build your future in photography. For more tips on how the top fashion photographers in India made it, check this space out often.