Best Flavours Of Soy Milk Beverages

Soy milk in Singapore differentiates from other soy milk beverages around the world. Why? Because soy milk in Singapore has different flavours. Many soy milk companies in Singapore had come up with different flavours for all types of customers. So what are the best flavours of soy milk beverages? We’ve made a list so that you’ll know what soy milk to get next time.


Let’s start from the beginning...The original-flavoured soy milk is most common flavoured soy milk of them all. Containing the same amount of protein as with cow’s milk, soy milk became a great alternative and a good source dietary fibre, vitamins and minerals. Unlike cow’s milk, soy milk has no cholesterol, saturated fat and a cup only contains 80 calories. It’s also popular to those who are trying to lose weight.


Even though soy milk contains less sugar, some people still prefer the unsweetened version of the drink. So if you think the original soy milk is already a dietary drink? Guess again. The unsweetened soy milk is perfect for cereals, by itself or alternative milk for your coffee.


Who doesn’t like chocolate? Who doesn’t like chocolate milk? Popular to kids and wannabe kids, the chocolate flavoured soy milk is the perfect growing up drink. If you want your kids to stay healthy by drinking chocolate milk, then this is a perfect replacement. Your kids won’t even recognise the difference.

Fruit flavoured Soy milk

There’s Strawberry, Melon, Mango, Apple and many other basic fruit flavours that were mixed with your favourite soy milk for better and refreshing taste. Others prefer the fruit flavoured soy milk as a dessert while others drink it like regular soy milk. If you don’t like the readymade flavoured drinks, you can always blend real fruits with soy milk and make yourself a soy milk smoothie.

Today, soy milk companies are coming up with more and more flavours so that every customer can enjoy it more. There are those who are trying to make regular soy milk healthier by adding calcium or omega nutrients. Soy milk is now bigger than being just a substitute to cow’s milk. It now has its own identity.