Best Investment Plan Strategies for Young People

India has more than half of its population under 25 and more than 65 per cent below the age of 35. Which means the young India is now the back bone of the nation. Ofcourse, just like young blood is enthusiastic for parties and high end spending they are also curious on making loads of money. The younger you are the more risk you can take in life. You may be unmarried or recently married or may be on the verge of starting a family. You might be new to professional life or settling in your career. You might have bought a new house or lavish new car everyone can enjoy the affluence only if they have carved a successful path of the best investment plan of their lives. The article takes you through some investment plan strategies for young people of India

Experts say during the seed stage of life if you inculcate the right strategy in handling finances, you will lead a very comfortable life. List down your financial goals, create a financial plan and start working towards it. One can always take help of professional financial planners to give them a right direction. Make sure that any financial product that you taken should be need based oriented and should not divert you from achieving your financial goals.Insurance

Taking a life insurance plan is one of the best investment plan strategies during the youth days. Life insurances are generally offered based on the age, health and habits of an individual. So it’s simple the younger you are the healthier you stay and lesser is your insurance premium rates.

Property Investment

During the young days of your life you earn lot of money. But remember if you arrest your money in time, your good times will be reserved in future. Try and take a suitable property for your future which can be used for starting a family or leased etc. in future.

Short Term Plans

Many times during your young days you tend to party a lot or fascinated about gadgets. You want to travel places and enjoy your life. Young people don’t really look forward for long-term plans but they can start putting some amount in short-term funds one of the best investment plans that can create an emergency corpus for at least 6 months expenses. Avoid 100% reliance on credit cards. Develop habit of using cash or debit cards.

Financial Investment

Go for Public Provident Fund account as soon as you get into job even though you have EPF (Employee Provident Fund). Try putting little bit of amount so that at least the account completes its lock-in period as soon as possible. Besides you can opt for stock markets as well. However, although stocks seem a lucrative investment but it doesn’t offer guaranteed returns.


Well for many it will sound as a brake before the commencement of zealous life, but in real terms it is the safest gear that you can put during your younger days to help accelerate the latter half of life. These are best investment plans for your olden days. Although there are no forces it is advisable even a small contribution towards retirement corpus at this stage would become a huge amount at the time of retirement as you have the POWER OF TIME in hand. At later stage, time cannot be compensated by investment huge amount also. Retirement pension plans are the best option for such planning.

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