3 Best Lightweight Pet Hair Vacuum Cleaners

               Best lightweight canister, stick, upright vacuums for pet hair.

Out I went, deep into the wild, wild web to find the best lightweight vacuum cleaners for PET HAIR and my intense search narrowed it down to the following 3 vacuums.

I wanted a great, lightweight vacuum that:

  • has at least 4 star overall ratings from MANY reviews
  • is excellent for vacuuming up pet hair
  • is lightweight and easy to maneuver
  • has free shipping
  • is a really good value

Believe it or not, there were only 7 vacuum cleaners that truly met my needs!

Out of those 7, I drilled down and came to the following 3 BEST lightweight vacuum cleaners that are great at getting up pet hair.
One is a stick vacuum best on hard floors, one is a canister, and the other is a multi-floor upright vacuum.
Prices range from around $50 to about $140 (ie, all under $200....one is under $100 and the other is currently priced under $50)

These are the over-all 3 BEST lightweight vacuum cleaners that are best for getting up pet hair.

Best Lightweight STICK Vacuum for Pet Hair

This is my winner for best STICK pet hair vacuum cleaner.

Don't let the V-shaped head of this vacuum throw you off, it has a purpose - and it works really well.

That V-shaped head helps to contain all the pet hair in the middle of the V to help the vacuum get it ALL up.

Ever vacuumed a hard floor surface and just watched as the vacuum cleaner blew the pet hair all around?

That's the point behind the V-shaped head - to STOP that from happening.

This Bissell vacuum is specifically for hard floor surfaces and just to note - It is NOT cordless.

Yes, having a handy lightweight cordless vacuum sure is convenient for quick jobs, but when you really want to get that pet hair off your floors, you need the power of a corded vacuum - and sure don't want to have to stop to recharge.

This stick vacuum also seems to be the vacuum cleaner of choice for Vet offices.

Many veterinarians have expressed how wonderful it is.

If it's good enough for a vet's office, it's good enough for me =)

And you sure can't beat the price - currently under $50

Best Lightweight CANISTER Vacuum for Pet Hair

This Eureka canister vacuum is really great for pet hair - and it's really light, too (weighs about 9 pounds)

Has a nice long cord and a HEPA filter and this vacuum can be used on all floor surfaces.

It's very powerful and gets that pet hair and dust up from all the floors in your house.

It comes with attachments, too. (just to note: since the vacuum size is small to keep it lightweight, all the attachments won't attach to the vacuum)

And since it has a HEPA filter, this is also a great vacuum to use in a home where folks have allergies.

And the price? Really good! As I'm writing this, I see this Eureka vacuum is on sale for arounf $85 (usually costs around $150) so that's a great deal!

Best Lightweight UPRIGHT Vacuum for Pet Hair

This is the vacuum I was looking for... and lightweight bagless vacuum that really sucks up the pet hair.

I wanted an upright because upright vacuums clean a wider area in one swipe - and this Bissel sure does that. Nice and wide vacuuming area in one swipe.

For an upright vac, it's pretty quiet. It's not REALLY REALLY easy to maneuver, but there is a reason for that. The brushes don't rotate unless the vacuum is being moved over a floor surface (this is actually a very good thing - saves you from sucking up that area rug...lol!). However, if you find it TOO hard to push, you might need to adjust the dial setting for your floor type.

I love the auto-rewind for the cord - push a button and the cord comes rewinding back in.
It's a really great vacuum - very pleased with it.  Price was really good for a multi-floor upright... about $140.

Well there you have it... the final 3 and winners in each lightweight pet hair vacuum cleaner category.  Whether you want a stick vacuum, a canister, or a multi-purpose upright vacuum, you'll find the best for your needs right here.

Hope that helps!