Best NGOs in India

NGO’S are the roots for the growth and nourishment of social causes. They play an integral role in supporting and endorsing a cause in an organised manner, enabling utmost efficiency. Some of the NGO’s that are working for the betterment of society in India are:

Nanhi Kali:

Nanhi Kali means a small bud which symbioses the girl child. Nanhi Kali is a NGOthat strives to eliminate the poverty problem in India by educating the underprivileged girl child. It is sponsorship project that enables individuals to support the primary education of a girl child. The unique feature of Nanhi Kali is that it helps you track the progress of the child you have helped by sending photograph, profile and progress report and updating you on how she is faring in both academics as well as extracurricular activities.

Nanhi Kali has partnered with 21 NGO’s to promote their cause and provide the required academic, material and social support to the girl child to help her finish her education. It ensures that she gets access to quality education and attends school with dignity, reducing the chances of her dropping out. It aims to educate the maximum number of female children in India.


CRY is one of the most successful NGOs in India working for the empowerment of underprivileged children by helping them restore the basic rights that they are entitled to. CRY uplifts areas of major concern, helping the most disregarded communities and their children solve the crucial issues affecting them. It looks into problems of illiteracy of children in India caused by gender or caste discrimination by the parents, the community or in school, and forced child labour by family to earn their livelihood or children dropping out of school due to displacement and financial problems.

CRY partners with smaller NGO’s functioning in the remote and neglected areas of India to take joint action, by motivating them to mobilise rural and urban communities to re-establish their rights.

They attempt to re-establish the existing four basic child rights of survival, development, protection and participation which were defined by the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.CRY works to ensure these rights to all classes of children including street children, child labourers, children of commercial sex workers, physically and mentally challenged children and children in juvenile institutions, or even children in privileged homes.

HelpAge India:

HelpAge India is an Indian set-up NGO that provides support and assistance to abandoned, poor, needy and isolated senior citizens in India. It provides emotional and material support to the abandoned elderly by setting up physiotherapy centres, sponsoring cataract operations, providing help lines for the elderly to help them better understand and fight for their rights. Besides, HelpAge India plays a major role in influencing the amendment of various policies for the elderly individuals in governmental arenas such as the National Planning Commission of India.


The mission of Goonj is to do away with the clothing problems faced by the underprivileged people in India. Its holds the belief that reusing old clothes can help solve the clothing problem of the poor. Goonj also initiated the Rahat floods project to collect donations for the relief material utilised for the floods to aid affected victims in West Bengal, Assam and Bihar.

Another project undertaken by Goonj included Rahat winter that was implemented to comfort the underprivileged people during the winter by providing for their clothing needs.

Goonj has also managed to collect recyclable and re-usable items like clothes, books, grains, exports surpluses and much more from urban to rural centres to give away to the needy.

Smile Foundation:

The Smile Foundation promotes the education and healthcare needs of the disadvantaged children at a universal level and aims at transforming their lives forever. They have a bigger objective of laying the foundation of nation building by nurturing the downtrodden part of the society and uplifting them, making them stronger and more productive in the long-run. Smile Foundation acknowledges children as the building blocks of the future.

It has developed programs in the fields of healthcare, education, livelihood and women empowerment. Smile Foundation also has an organised and well-established system where privileged children can help their underprivileged counterparts.