Best Places to Travel in 2015

It was a long winter, but warm weather is finally in sight. About 89% of people in the United States are planning a summer trip this year, according to a new survey from experts at Best Tours (that's a 6% increase compared to survey results from last year). TripAdvisor asked more than 2,500 online U.S. adults about their plans for summer 2015.

The harsh winter may have contributed to the increase . So where are travelers going to enjoy the heat? Take a look through the top travel destinations for 2015, according to data provided by Buggl - (X'plore Inspiring and creative 48 hr travel guides).

48 Hours in Bangkok

48 Hours in Bangkok

City of angels, great city of immortals, magnificent city of the nine gems, seat of the king, city of royal palaces, home of gods incarnate. Many tourists and travelers that arrive in Bangkok are overwhelmed by the chaos, dirty streets, pollution and the amount of people on the streets...

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I spent my first two days in London when I was twelve. Six years went by after that, but since then I've gone back to this vibrant city every year. Each time for two days. Because I always travel to London for such short periods, I've learned to combine sights and activities in such a way that I can get the most out of them without rushing.

Info Source ~ 48 Hours in London - A London Travel Guide - Buggl

48 Hours in Nashville

48 Hours in Nashville: Your Guide to Rocking the Music City!

This guide covers everything from the must-visit locations to some great hidden secrets of Nashville! Local Knowledge & Cool Perks

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48 Hours in New York City

New York City is one of the most exciting cities in the world and you can spend your time easily exploring its most famous sites like the Statue of Liberty or Wall Street, but getting over the Brooklyn is also worth a visit these days.

It's exciting, hip and elegant. We've crafted a balanced itinerary giving you a look at the best of Manhattan but also checking out the quieter neighbourhoods too.

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Visit Paris

Having visited Paris various times over the years, the city has really grown on me. I've walked through its streets during different seasons and have gone both off the beaten path and to the most touristy attractions. Take the time to get to know Paris and find what side of the city suits you best.

Info Source ~ 48 Hours in Paris - Paris Travel Guide - Buggl

Visit Williamsburg, Brooklyn

While you'll certainly find a number of food offerings, I've also made sure to include general creative and unique things to do, from gallery hopping to rooftop bars to learning the art of sustainable butchery and beyond. I recommend wandering Bedford, Wythe, Berry and Driggs Avenues as well as the streets that intersect them to make some discoveries of your own. For more info See: Hungry Hipster's Guide To Williamsburg, Brooklyn @Buggl

Hollywood's Backyard: Sunny Los Angeles

Still a relatively young city, LA is about as expansive, unique and culturally diverse of a city as you can find anywhere in the United States. If you love the sun, and don't mind the traffic, then it is a must visit for any traveller. Here are some outings that are bound to make Los Angeles an experience you will not soon forget.

This Los Angeles travel guide includes some fun and exciting local adventures that will expose you to a Los Angeles that isn't featured on the big screen.

Molokai, Hawaii

Molokai's nickname is the Friendly Isle and it couldn't be more true. Welcome to the cultural heart of the Hawaiian Islands. Take a break from the more frequently visited Maui or Oahu and visit Molokai to get a taste of the good ol' days of Hawaii. - Molokai Travel Guide


To claim that you’ve ‘seen’ Barcelona may not be possible. As regular visitors and residents will tell you, this city offers something new on a day-by-day, and street-by-street, basis. But for those on a tight schedule, I’ve decided to attempt the impossible task of distilling the best that Barcelona has to offer into a 48 hours itinerary.

                                   The Ultimate 48 Hours Guide to Barcelona!

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