Best United States Movie Locations to Visit

What’s your favorite film? Do you know where it was shot? Some of the best films were shot in United States. So if you are eyeing over the idea of visiting one of these filming locations, you will love the information below.

If you like the movie The Lake House, then this film was shot in Chicago. In fact, there were lots of Chicago famous places that were featured in this film. For example, there is the Picasso sculpture found in the Daley Plaza. The bridges on top of Chicago river can also be seen. If you can note in this movie, Sandra Bullock was seen passing some stunning examples of architectures. So if you visit Chicago, you can also take an architecture tour on your own. Other films shot here are The Untouchables, Couples Retreat, Sixteen Candles, and The Break Up.

Now, if your destination is Detroit then you will be happy to know that this is where Transformers was shot. Although it may be troublesome to look at a crumbling city, but this exact ghostly appearance of Detroit makes it a favorite of many filmmakers. One of the famous filming locations where films are usually shot is the Michigan Central Station because it is among the spots that best display the city’s ruins. Although there is a big chance that this city will be restored in the future but it has come to be a place well-loved because of its odd looks.

If you are a fan of the 1990 movie entitled Dances with Wolves then you should go to South Dakota. You need to plan to visit this place; after all, it is not something that you can see along the way. At present, the place enjoys three million visitors each year. Going to the Mount Rushmore will give you a rush because of its beauty.

There are several filming locations in United States. In fact, wherever you go, it is likely that you can find a place nearby where a film was shot. This is good news for movie enthusiasts. They can simply pop anywhere at US and get to see in real life a place where a film was made. You can also check out these places at Your place can also become a filming location. Visit their website to know how to make your place a location where the best movies will be filmed.

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