Top 10 Super Bowl Commercials

Of all time.

What makes the ultimate Super Bowl commercial? The right dose of humor. The right pull of the heartstrings. And, sometimes, just the right amount of Star Wars.

10. Bud... Wise... Er Frogs (1995)

So long as you were alive in or around 1995, you think of this commercial whenever someone intones a deep "Bud..." bellow within earshot. Watch it again and see if you're not repeating it to yourself later today.

9. Mean Joe Green for Coca-Cola (1980)

Sure, sure: Joe Green isn't so mean, and sometimes kids aren't so bad either. But the most valuable lesson from this commercial is that Joe Green has mean chugging ability — 6-8 ounces in less than five seconds. Someone get the guy some Gatorade!

8. When I Grow Up... by (1999)

What would a Kindergarten crayon drawing of "clawing my way through middle management" look like? reminds us that traditional office life sucks and that we need to dream like we're kids again. Now, where's my red stapler?

7. The Bark Side by VW (2012)

Actually, this commercial aired about two weeks before the 2012 Super Bowl as a teaser for VW's gametime decision. It's netted 18 million barking views. Not bad for an opening act.

6. Clydesdale Football by Budweiser (2003)

Ever wonder what's to-do in Wyoming? Animals doing human-like things can get catchy. This commercial kicked off Budweiser multi-year series of Clydesdales (a wannabe-Clydesdale donkey, too!) be more than just big, pretty horsies.

5. Imported from Detroit by Chrysler (2011)

You didn't need to be a Detroit native nor a Rust Belt Revivalist to get chills over an ad that aimed to get us seriously talking about Detroit, not big wigs and bailouts. Worth noting: Chrysler posted a $180M profit the following year.

4. The Showdown by McDonald's (1993)

Classic battle between Jordan and Bird. No game of H-O-R-S-E during the All-Star Break has ever come close. Perhaps the NBA needs to put a Big Mac on the table.

3. Apple, 1984 (1984)

Well, we had no idea what was coming our way, did we? Believe it or not, the commercial that introduced us to a brand we'd all fall in love with... like, 20 years later, almost didn't happen. Props to Apple for using an athletic woman to free the minds of so many enslaved men during the Super Bowl.

2. The Force by VW (2011)

Fact: Exactly 98% of Generations X and Y wish their kid could be this cool.

1. Terry Tate: Office Linebacker by Reebok (2003)

Necessity is the mother of invention. Pretty sure that's how Terry Tate, Office Linebacker was born. Truth is: most offices could use a Terry Tate. Need one. Because one clip isn't enough, this #1 pick includes the very "best of" Terry Tate. You can also check out the original TTOL commercial. Enjoy!