Best Deep Fryers For Turkey

It would be great if you can serve delicious fried turkey for Thanksgiving with minimum fuss and hassle.

Well, with the right turkey fryer, it will certainly be less of a hassle. Whether done indoors or outdoors and following safety precautions, frying a turkey is worth doing.

You have the choice of outdoor propane turkey fryers, indoor electric turkey fryers and the healthy oil free turkey fryers.

The turkey fryer is a useful kitchen fryer appliance due to its versatility.

Here are some sites with info on the best deep fryers for turkey whether done indoors or outdoors.

Char-Broil The Big Easy TRU-Infrared Oil-less Turkey Fryer

The indoor electric turkey fryers come in a few sizes The xl size can cook a turkey up to 20 pounds. With the indoor fryers, there is no need to worry about the rain, wind or snow.

The Butterball electric turkey fryer makes a great gift for those who love to cook in a safe and hassle free way.

The outdoor propane turkey fryer is preferred over the indoor ones if you are going to fry a large bird, say, above 20 pounds.

With a turkey fryer kit in the house, you can fry turkeys the whole year round. Besides frying turkey, you can deep fry chicken, pork ribs or you can also use it for steaming and boiling crabs, crawfish etc. It is very versatile and very useful if you are cooking for many guests.