Harvard University 
by: Ulises Mendoza

Harvard has an enrollment of  21,200 students in the year 2013.

John Harvard is the mascot of Harvard University.

Harvard's motto is  Veritas (Latin for truth)

Harvard University is located in Cambridge, MA 02138

School traditions

They do a daily prayer at the memorial church .

Churches around Harvard ring there bell for the oldest university in the country


$43,938 for tuition

$58,607 for tuition ,room ,board ,and fees

housing and board

Housing equals $8,667

Meals equals $5,448

Books & supplies $1,000

Harvard  housing and dinning changed an average of 4.0% for each of the past five years. If the prices continue to rise , we expect this year's  freshmen to pay $19,081 their first year of college. By their final year they will pay approximately $19,834 for an associate degree seeker, and $21,432 for a bachelor degree seeker to cover these expenses Over the entire degree (assuming you graduate on-time) the total will come to $80,964 for a four year stay or $38,915 for a two year stay.

Housing System

The housing system at Harvard is designed to create a full collegiate experience for all four years of undergraduate education. As freshmen, students live in one of the dormitories in Harvard Yard, a prime location, and eat in the historic and picturesque Annenberg dining hall. After their first year at Harvard, students are placed into one of the 12 houses on campus and continue to live there for the remainder of their residential life at Harvard.Each house has a resident master and a staff of tutors, and includes a dining hall, common areas, and recreational and cultural spaces that help give them each a distinct character. Many even field their own intramural sports teams or theater ensembles. The houses themselves also have unique histories and traditions that bring the students together and help to foster the close and long-lasting ties amongst the residents of each house.

Entrance requirements

4.0 GPAs, SAT scores (CR+M+W) above 2,100, and ACT composite scores above 30. Harvard has holistic admissions, and they are looking for students who bring to campus more than good grades and test scores. Students who have some kind of remarkable talent or have a compelling story to tell will get a close look even if grades and test scores aren't quite up to the ideal.


Harvards library is the largest Academic library in the world, nearly 1000 library staff who operate more than 70 separate units.

Sports programs

Varsity teams include baseball, basketball, crew, cross-country, fencing, field hockey, football, golf, ice hockey, lacrosse, sailing, skiing, soccer, softball, squash, swimming and diving, tennis, track and field, volleyball, water polo, and wrestling.