Be Tackky:
Use Tackk for Paperless Assignments

What Is It?

Tackk is a free service that allows users to create online posters (one-page websites) with a variety of multimedia inside.


+ Completely free
+ Available on any device with a browser. Dedicated apps for iOS and Android.
+ Make online posters with customized URLs
+ Sign-in through a variety of tools (including Edmodo, which means no e-mail address required!)

+ Add text, photos, videos, music, and more

Add videos from YouTube and other sources. Ex. how teachers feel when they see ads for school supplies over the summer (as told by Michael Scott):

Embed more than just videos. Ex. - a ThingLink with a ton of EdTech tool ideas:

+ Saves automatically, as long as you're connected to the Internet
+ Customize colors, patterns, and fonts
+ Share Tackks in over a dozen way

+ Create assignment templates to save students' time

+ View all assignments in one place by using Tackkboards

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