Bethany Hamilton: Fighting To Get Back On The Board

Bethany Hamilton loses her arm and is fighting to get back in the water to surf.


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My name is Addie Brooksbank. I am a 6th grader at Holman Middle School, in Henrico County, located just outside of Richmond. This is my first year attending at Holman.

The purpose of this website is for a research project in English. I have been collecting information on Bethany Hamilton for a couple of weeks. We had to complete three organizers and three paragraphs. The organizers and the paragraphs are below.

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On Halloween in 2003, Bethany Hamilton,13, was surfing in Kauai's North Shore in Hawaii. Then a shark attacked her left arm, leaving just her shoulder. Bethany's father was supposed to have knee surgery the same day that the accident happened. Many people like the lifeguards and doctors believed in her strongly and placed their faith in god. Hamilton lost 60% of her blood from the attack and had 7 surgeries without infection and she still had a positive attitude. When she was back in the water, Bethany was so happy to be back on her board. She even rode a wave all the way to the shore! Bethany began to do a lot of motivational speaking, and she also volunteered for mission trips.


Cause and Effect Paragraph

Bethany realized that she wanted to become a professional surfer. She has been competing in multiple ASP and world tour events. Hamilton earned second place in the ASP 2009 World Junior Championships. Over one year after the attack Bethany received first place in the Explore Woman's division in the 2005 NSSA National Championships. She also won her first National title. When she was eight, she entered her first competition in Rell Sun Menehune in Oahu and won the short and long board division. Bethany also won the United States national 18 and under championships. To this day Bethany still competes in surfing competitions.

Bethany and her husband, Adam, were on The Amazing Race.

Chronological Paragraph

Bethany was born on February 8th, 1990 in Kauai, Hawaii. In 1993, Bethany learned to surf when she was only 3 or 4 years old with her mom and her dad. At age 13 on October 31,2003 she was attacked by a tiger shark that was 14 feet long while she was off surfing Kauai's North Shore. On November 26, 2003 (which was 26 days after the attack) Bethany continued to surfing with her one and only arm. In January of 2004, Bethany returned to surf competition and placed 5th in the Women's Open Division. In 2013, when she was 23 years old, she married Adam Dirks and her story continues to spread around to many people and inspire them everyday.


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I like all the colors you used and how you cited your sources was cool because they were in like bubbles.-Emery

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I love the video because it shows everyone how she accually surfed ~ McKenzie

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I also really like how you cited your sources. That was really creative!! ~ McKenzie

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I had no idea that she was thirteen when it happened! It is such an amazing story! I have seen the movie. I really loved the website! She is such an awesome person, and sh ehas such a great story. This is one of the best I have seen already! I relly enjoyed this! -Caroline Gravely