iPad Checkout for Classrooms

The iPads in the library are now available for check-out on a daily basis.  Sets of five can be checked out from Mr. Barrera, so this will allow up to three teachers to have iPads in their classroom to work with each school day.  To check out iPads, you will have to select one of the three slots per day from my Google calendar.  You can click the button below to access the calendar.  


Check-out Guidelines

  1. Each teacher should only sign up for one check-out per week on a first come, first serve basis.  
  2. Please only select dates two weeks out.
  3. TEACHERS (not students) must pick up by 8:30am from the library and return by 3:00pm on the same day.  Ms. Odom will work check-out/check-in whenever Mr. Barrera is not on campus.
  4. All check-out appointments should be made before the end of the previous school day. e.g. If you want to use the iPads on a WEDNESDAY, then you need to pick that slot before leaving school on TUESDAY.
  5. iPads MUST be checked out using the Google Calendar, not by verbal agreement. We need to keep track of who's responsible for each iPad when it is outside of the library.
  6. Ms. Odom and Mr. Barrera will not be available to come troubleshoot iPad issues while they are being used in the classroom during your chosen day.
  7. VERY IMPORTANT: Please only check-out a set of iPads if you plan on using them that day in your classroom.  We want to ensure that the devices are being used whenever they are outside of the library.
  8. Any problems that were experienced while using these devices need to be reported to Ms. Odom or Mr. Barrera upon return to the library.

Please leave a comment below in the stream to inform me if you plan on using these devices in your classroom.

Thanks in advance, Modem Odom