It's that time...Let's complete your STaR Chart!
Due: Friday, January 16th

Texas teachers have to complete the STaR (School Technology and Readiness) Chart annually.  The purpose of this chart is to assist all classroom teachers in assessing their personal needs and setting professional goals for the use of technology in the classroom to support student achievement.

When is it due?

All STaR Charts need to be completed by Friday, January 16th.  Come see Ms. Odom to get your treat when you've submitted yours.

Where can I complete it?

This can be completed from any computer or device with Internet access.

What's my Username?


Adair, Barney, Barrera, Canchari, Colvin, Diamond, Doughty, Fortune, Francis, Hall, Jackson, Lott, Lusk, Mowery-Davis, Murray, Sosa, Stewart, Waters, and Wilson:

Use the default password which is password.  The next screen will ask you to complete your account information.


Type in your username in the Forgot Your Password section and you will be sent an email that will allow you continue with the login process.

How to Complete the STaR Chart

Don't forget to hit SUBMIT and to come see me to get your prize.  As always, feel free to contact me if you have any questions.  

Thanks in advance...Modem Odom