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Aldine's 1st EdCamp

Please make sure that you submit the remaining grades for this 3rd six weeks by THIS FRIDAY, March 27th.  Testing begins on Monday, so please make sure everything is in to avoid extra hassles during next week's testing schedule.


Needing a couple hours of instructional technology training that is different? This year we are putting on a small conference that is different than others we have done. This is a conference that is more teacher driven and conversational, & less HOW TO.

This type of training is a little different than many of you may be accustomed to, but it is a great opportunity to talk with other teachers within the district and discuss different ideas, and talk about instructional technology in the classroom.  If you're interested, click the button below to register via E-Portal.

STAAR Prep Links

TCCA15: Tech to the Future

Check out the following links for STAAR test prep.  These resources were shared with parents at our STAAR Night last month and can be used during instruction as well.

New Website is on the Way!  In the meantime, I need your help...

Are you ready to #TechToTheFuture?? TCCA (Technology and Curriculum Conference of Aldine) is ready to help you learn all about Technology of the Future! Join us October 17, 2015 at Davis High School for #TCCA15 which is a free Technology Conference for all educators! Last year TCCA had over 1500 attendees from 42 different districts, 72 vendors and sponsors, 250+ sessions including a separate administrator strand and thousands of dollars in door prizes!  Click on the button below to register and make sure you don't miss out on this amazing FREE conference!

I'm in the process of updating our NEW website & pictures need to be taken.  Please coordinate with your community partner(s) a day and time that you would like to retake your photo for the school's website.  I always have my camera with me, so getting a quick snap will be no problem.  Specialists: I used the photo that most of us used for our employee badge.  If you'd like to use another photo, then get with me for a quick snap.

That's all for me if you have any questions and/or concerns!
- Modem Odom