Bethune Tech Tidbits, Vol. 3
Sept. 15-19

Technology Information @ Your Convenience

First Set of Progress Reports: DONE

We have successfully completed our first set of progress reports.  Thanks for getting your grades in on time and I KNOW that we'll have an even higher success rate for the next one since we'll have all of the scheduling kinks worked out.

Next Progress Report Grades are due on Friday, October 3rd

  • Daily Work: TWO per week
  • Homework: ONE per week
  • Major Work (Assessment): ONE every three weeks

Needing Website Suggestions

If you have suggestions of websites that we can compile by subject area for student use at home, please shoot me an email so I can add it to our list.  This will be a valuable resource that we can use to get our students and parents involved at home with the learning process.

Staff Shirts - Have you got yours yet?

Isn't Ms. Lee a wonderful model?!? I think so too!

Click this link to order your staff shirt.  You can also order other items using this information: Customer #4256664, Logo #0835446.  Please make sure you have your shirt in time for our Fall Open House which is on October 15th.

TCCA: Have you registered?

TCCA is Aldine's annual technology & curriculum integration conference. Vendors & speakers are brought in from all over the country to showcase the latest & greatest technology and instructional resources.  The TCCA conference is at Davis High School & spaces will fill up fast.  You don't want to miss this event.  Click HERE to sign up!

Thank you for doing what you do!

Please watch the video below as a reminder of why your job is so important.

Keeping you in the know & more Tech Savvy,
Modem Odom

Instructional Technology Specialist
Technology Concerns: