Bethune Tech Tidbits Vol. 4

Technology Information @ Your Convenience

I will be taking Community Photos on Wednesday during Open House, so please make sure that you wear your official staff shirt as requested by Ms. Craft earlier this year.  We will also have parent's completing surveys online to help us gather information, so I will send out the link to have on your computers as well as have the lab in Room 1 open.

Google Help Squad

We all know that our district is in the process of moving over completely to Google and help is out there for any of your questions.  A group of iTechs from within the district have been designated as the Aldine Google Help Squad to assist you with all needs pertaining to Google.  Click HERE to assist their website to access videos, resources and also to send your direct questions to the Help Squad.

Have you signed up for Ms. Craft's REMIND group?  If not, do so by following the directions below.

Symbaloo: We Need YOU!

We're in the process of creating a Symbaloo page for Bethune so we can have a one-stop shop locations for online resources.  Please send me any online resources that you are currently using so we can add them to the Symbaloo page for our campus.

Current Grading Cycle: 1st Cycle
Front Office's Phone Extension: 0380

And last but not least...
enjoy your MONDAY OFF!

Keeping you in the know & more Tech Savvy,
Modem Odom

Instructional Technology Specialist  Technology Concerns: