Bethune Tech Tidbits Vol. 5

Technology Information @ Your Convenience

Grades due Friday, November 14th

Please make sure you are putting grades under "2nd Cycle PR 3" as you enter them into the gradebook.

Reminder to join REMIND!

Have you joined our staff REMIND group yet?  If not, take out your phone now and follow the prompts on the image below.

Aldine is created an amazing website that provides videos, handouts and step by step tutorials that will help us transition over to Google with ease.  Make sure you check it out and bookmark or add it to your favorites.  Click HERE to access the website.  

FYI: I'm in the process of updating our campus website.  Pictures for communities need to be taken soon as well as individual photos if I haven't taken one already.  Please let me know at your earliest convenience when would be the best time to take a photo of your community.

Keeping you in the know & more Tech Savvy,
Modem Odom