How to Be More Disciplined

Discipline is one of the most valuable traits a person can have. If you don’t believe that, take a look into the military, who has one of the most important jobs in the world, to protect the citizens of their beloved country. The main thing that they teach these soldiers in the military is discipline. That is because they know how valuable and useful of a tool it is. Having a strong discipline will allow you to accomplish more than you ever could without it.

Have you dreamed of having an immaculate house, perhaps an in-ground pool and a deck so that you can invite your friends over for a cook-out? However, you haven’t gotten this deck because you cannot afford it and don’t know how to build it yourself. The reality of the matter is though, you could learn how to build it, you could afford all of the materials and take a bit of time out of your day to accomplish the task one step at a time, but you don’t. The reason you do not, is because even the thought of all that work has already overridden your inner discipline. If you simply shrug off that feeling of reluctance, however, you will find that the hardest part about a project is starting it. Once you have started the project, you will see that not only is it possible, but easy, so long as you pace yourself. Discipline is having complete control of yourself. If you want to lose weight, for instance, then steer away from high-calorie foods and exercise. You know this but often falter from fleeting emotions. Discipline teaches you to steel these emotions and focus on your goals.

Betty Waltersdorf is an English teacher who often advocates discipline with her students, so they get their work done.

Memory Tips

Mnemonics is the study and practice of manipulating and controlling human memory to make it perform better than usual. Many people utilize mnemonics to achieve what appears from the outside to be some kind of superhuman ability to memorize long strings of numbers or objects. The reality of the fact is that these people possess no more brain power than you do. The average short-term memory capabilities of a human is fairly low, ranging from about 5-9 items or numbers. Anything past that and it can get quite tricky. The trick to being able to remember long strings of numbers, such as multiple social security numbers, is to use associative memorization, a technique used in Mnemonics. Your brain functions by being able to make as many associations and neural ties to the outside world as possible. By utilizing this function, you can greatly increase your memorization abilities.

In order to remember extremely long lines of numbers, professional Mnemonic practicers start by visualizing a room with many different objects in it. The brain is much better at visualizing concrete things than it is remembering long strings of an abstract concept like a number. So the best way to perform well is to make visual/memory associations. Say the first letter is an eight, a Mnemonic expert will picture a man trying to board the train on the Eighth platform. The next number, four, is how many people are in line in front of him. The more elaborate the story, the easier it is to memorize.

Betty Waltersdorf is an English teacher who says that she utilizes Mnemonic techniques to remember the names of all her students each year.

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