Beverly Stayart

About Bev Stayart

Pursuing a successful career as CFO and Director of Business Development at Stayart Law Offices in Rockford, Illinois, Beverly Stayart enjoys traveling, conducting genealogical research, and scouring flea markets to add to her collections. An avid gardener, Beverly Stayart enjoys planning and arranging her flowers and other plants to provide aesthetic appeal from spring through fall.

Beverly Stayart loves to experiment with new recipes in her kitchen. Two recipes Beverly Stayart's family thoroughly enjoys are artichoke pate/sundried tomato sandwiches and cold strawberry soup. As a child, Beverly Stayart loved picnicking at abandoned one-room school houses in the countryside.

In the city where Beverly Stayart grew up, the public schools hosted a window painting contest every Halloween. In the sixth grade, at age 11, Beverly Stayart won the city wide Grand Prize in this annual competition and rode on a float in the Halloween parade. Another favorite childhood memory of Beverly Stayart is eagle watching and hiking in Crapo Park overlooking the Mississippi River. Beverly Stayart enjoyed horseback riding as a child and continues to enjoy this activity with her family today. Beverly Stayart's home is surrounded by a number of horse ranches, as well as an apple orchard.

Bev Stayart's favorite day trip is to nearby Galena, Illinois.  Renowned for its natural scenic beauty, Galena derives its name from the mineral "galena," the natural form of lead ore.  Galena was originally inhabited by the Sac and Fox native tribes.  Both the Sac and Fox tribes used this ore in their body painting.  Galena has many attractions, and draws visitors year-round to its outdoor activities, including hiking, horseback riding, skiing, and boating.  Galena's winding main street is a shopper's delight and boasts a number of excellent restaurants, book stores, antiques shops, and a diverse assortment of other stores.  President Ulysses S. Grant's home is open for tours.  For history buffs, Galena offers a window on the nineteenth century and Civil War history.