This is me and my best friend in the world Wolff (I'm the girl of course) my name is obviously Lexzi. i moved to Girard from Eire, so did he. I have two brothers and a sister (The sister is my favorite). My mom and dad were divorsed when i was young and now we live with Nick my soon to be step dad.

3 things about me

I love all types of candy chocolate, sugar covered, even gummy. Candy forms about 1/3 of my life. My favorite candy of all time tho is NERDS.


Husky's are my favorite type of dog. When i was a kid i had a husky named bandit he was all white and chewed on every thing. My dad ended up selling him to someone one day while i wasn't there tho.


Lizards are my second favorite animal they are so and colorful. My all time favorite is the horned lizard because they shoot blood from their eyes in self defense. I have none of them tho i do have one bearded dragon, two leopard geckos, and i had four iguanas.

My Three Goals

One: get a summer job to save for collage. My aunt works at a country club in Erie and is going to get me a job in the tennis courts.

Two: I am going to Dartmouth University. I'm going to get a part time job to pay for collage and do a lot of volunteer work.

Three: Become a cardiovascular surgeon. I'm going to get my doctorate at Dartmouth University.

I'd love to go to...

Rome. I want to see the Coliseum. I've heard that it is beautiful.

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