I chose this picture because it symbolises the fact that all polititions make promises that they cant back up. Give you a fake illusion to make you believe something its not. That what they say is what you need to believe. That they have all the power and thats how it should be. But thats not true.

The Summary: A faction is a group of people who come together and fight for the things they have in comon and believe are right.

I chose the song fallen angels because it talks about not following one person.Because one person should not be able to control everything. We the people should be able to have a say

We are the in-between
Cast down as sons of war
Struck to the earth like lightning On this world we're torn
We won't cause the pain of living out their law
Take joy in who you are We know our wings are flawed

These lyrics show that even though we may look less powerful all the power comes from us. Factions give us the chance to use our power towards what we want to happen. The only bad thing about this is that we are giving the power to someone who we dont honostly know will do what they say but we put trust into them anyway.

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