Beyer and Company

Offers Transformative Relationship Coaching

About Beyer and Company

Beyer and Company, an elite matchmaking service, boasts an 82 percent success rate and an exclusive clientele, which includes some of country's most influential men. Featured in several prominent publications, such as the Los Angeles Times Magazine, Singular magazine, and the Hollywood Reporter, Beyer and Company also provides relationship coaching services to women who seek to make an investment in their personal lives in order to transform their approach to dating.

In business for nearly 20 years, Beyer and Company offers relationship coaching services that give women a practical approach to meeting relationship-ready men. Unlike similar services that teach strategies and tricks, Beyer & Company coaching focuses on helping women to identify and reflect on their relationship goals in order to create more lasting and rewarding connections. Prospective clients who wish to learn more about the company's services and schedule a free consultation should visit, where dozens of positive reviews and testimonials from clients provide further confirmation of April Beyer's relationship-coaching talents.

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