Agricultural Chemicals, Jeffry Hill

Jeffry Hill is an expert in all aspects of agricultural technology. One of those elements of modern agriculture is the introduction of chemicals to the picture. It includes a broad range of pesticides, fungicides, herbicides and more. There are also a variety of synthetic hormones, fertilizers and growth agents that are used each and every day. Due to the fact that when these chemicals are stored in bulk, they are tightly control as they are a toxic source in many cases. They carry a variety of health risks and environmental impact especially in the event of an accidental spill. In order to properly store, utilize and integrate chemicals into an agricultural operation, the labeling and proper storage of these elements is critical and dictated by regulations. The facilities must integrate proper storage facilities and labeling for these elements. They must also integrate emergency cleanup equipment and procedures to cover any unplanned instances. Safety equipment and procedures for handling these chemicals must be integrated. Finally disposal of waste of all types is regulated by counties, the federal government and the state in which the operation is situated in.

Jeffry Hill is an expert in all things agricultural and he has a comprehensive knowledge of chemical agents. His technical background in the field is part of a wide-ranging body of knowledge that features a complete agronomists approach. As one of the very few that can provide a complete approach, is to value is that of a full service offering that covers all aspects of farming, materials and irrigation.