Met Gala 2015

     This article about the Met Gala describes the 60 best dressed celebrities. The list, along with pictures, includes Kim Kardashian, Kate Hudson, Kendall Jenner, Jennifer Lawrence, and Beyonce. With each picture of the celebrity, a caption describes who they're wearing (dresses and jewelry). There is no set author, it's just written by the company of Vogue. I know that Vogue has their own magazine which includes the new fashions and other female related stuff. Their point of view is who they think was the best dressed on the red carpet. This source was produced online on the Vogue website and was close after the Met Gala. There would be no affect on the meaning of the source. To further understand the primary source, you would probably need to be familiar with Vogue. The only symbol that I can recall is the V which represents Vogue. This source was created for mainly women and anyone who's interested in fashion. It was created for the enjoyment of it's viewers and for people who are interested in the fashion world. This is important because it shows you all of the different celebrities who attended the Met Gala and what they wore. So, even if you missed the event, you still got to see who was popular on the red carpet.

     The article from E basically just described the Met Gala and what occurred at the event. There was over 30,000 bamboo plants and 7 Versace dresses. This source also discussed some of the best dressed celebrities including Rihanna and Beyonce. It was published on Tuesday, May 5 and was written by Lindsey Sirera and Vanessa McDonald. It was written in the author's point of view because it showed their opinions. There would be no affect on the meaning of the source. E is another source that reaches out mainly to women and anyone interested in fashion. If you are familiar with E then that's all you really need to know in order to understand the source. The E with the exclamation point incorporated into it is the symbol for the network. It was created for anyone interested in fashion and probably women. This source was created to inform it's viewers on the events that occurred at the Met Gala. This is important because it describes the event in detail. So, just in case you missed it, you can read all about it using this source.

     The article from CNN, "The Dresses that were Doing the Most", is about the celebrities with the dresses that got the most attention. These celebrities included Beyonce, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, Kim Kardashian, and Lady Gaga. Each of the pictures included described the celebrities and what they were wearing. The pictures that were included below were compared to others, clearly making fun of what some of the celebrities were wearing. I thought some of the dresses were a little revealing. For instance, Beyonce's dress was really revealing and I wasn't a big fan of it (no one wants to see that much of your body). This source was written on Tuesday, May 5 by Lisa Respers France. This could possibly affect the meaning of the source if it would've been published at a later date. The symbol of the red box with white letters that spelled out CNN let me know that it was created by the CNN company. It was written for the CNN viewers and people interested in fashion and the Met Gala. It was created at the time it was produced because it was describing the Met Gala which occurred on the same day. It is important because it gives it's viewers a look at the Met Gala and what the celebrities that attended looked like.

     I chose all of these articles because I am one who missed the Met Gala but was informed about what occurred through these different sources. I am interested in fashion and was fascinated by what some of the celebrities chose to wear. It relates to everyday life because it was a major event that was a part of the news. People were interested in the event so different sources covered the event.

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