Scout's favorite Electives!

One of my favorite Electives is  P.E. The reason I like P.E. is because you work on working out  your core and getting fit. If we do good that day we get to play a game of dodge ball.


In Band this year we have to learn how to read Music and learn how to play the Instrument you picked. So Write now i'm first chair and what first chair means. Is we have to take a test every week. And its like making the best grade in class.The Instrument i play is the Barton hear is a pic.


My favorite animal.

My favorite Animal is called the wolverine. The reason I like the wolverine is because there not afraid of really anything there like a bear and a wolf together my opinion.The Wolverine is strong and vicious. What the Wolverine eats is rats birds and other small mammals.  

My favorite Hobby

My favorite hobby is riding my Unicycle it is really fun.The reason I like riding it is because you can learn how to balance your self and if you have week legs you learn how to get them stronger.

Hears a video and a pic.

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That was really fun