West TPSP 2015

This will take you through various options for your TPSP project, as well as offer tutorials on how to use the tools and your final creation of the target image for Aurasma.

Part I: Make it Interactive

After you have completed your writing portion of the assignment, use your creativity coupled with one of the tools listed below to make an interactive video or online version of your project.  Click on the link(s) below to check out tutorials and information to some suggested sites.  *Note if you wish to use Aurasma you need to choose a video tool; if not, you can use the other various interactive sites suggested.

Creating Your Aurasma

After you have created video, follow the steps below to create your Aurasma.  Watch the tutorial below for more information.  *Note: it is best to use the iPads to create your Aurasma.  It is meant to be used as a video.

1. Take your finished product and get it on your iPad (the image or video)

2. Open the Aurasma app and set up a free account

3. Click on the gray 'A' on the screen

4. Click on the section called  'My Auros' and Click the Device tab

5. Click on the plus sign and either select an animation from the library or from your select camera or camera roll.

6. You can resize it and move it around, then select the Next arrow.

7. You will need to give it a name and then publish it as 'Public'.