Here are some m-learning apps that I think would be great in K-12 classrooms. Some are more appropriate for certain ages than others, but all are worth checking out!

Quiz Me!

Quiz me! is an app that allows students to import flashcard sets from the online study webiste Quizlet, which contains over 7 million sets of flashcards. This app is great for all ages because Quizlet offers a set of flashcards for almost any topic. Also if there is not a set of flashcards for what you are looking for, you can create your own as well! Flash cards rare a great way for students to test their knowledge on different topics before an exam.


DuoLingo is a great app for students learning a second language. It offers help in English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese and Italian. The app provides written and dictated lessons, where students can practice writing the new language as well as speaking it back into the device. It also provides translations from one language to another. This app would be good for any age that students are learning new languages because it customizes to your ability level. It would also be good for ESL students who are just learning English.

Journal Jar

This app is probably more geared toward elementary students, and is an app that gives students writing prompts. The topics themselves are not very complex which is why I am suggesting it to for younger students who are just starting to develop writing skills. It would be a fun activity to have students go home on the app, have a topic given to them, come back to class the next day and share what they were prompt to write about.


This is an app that id for division 1 elementary English classes. It is a fun way for students to learn about grammar like nouns, verbs etc. It provides explanations, vidoes, and examples in colourful, visually appealing ways, which I think would make learning a rather dull (sorry to the grammar fanatics out there) subject more interesting and enjoyable. Below is an example of the video for verbs!


Word press in an app that I think would be best used by older students, probably grade 9 and up. Students are essentially building a personal website where they can keep can post links, videos, blog posts, pictures and more all in one place. Students can also check out their fellow classmates sites.


This app provides instructional videos on different topics, such as math, history, science etc. and then provides a quiz at the end to test the viewers knowledge. This would be a great app to eliminate wasting class time watching videos. Teachers can simple assign the video from the app outside of school, students do the quiz afterwards and then you can have a meaningful discussion during class time. It is more directed towards younger grades.

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